Caring for your Tutu or Dress is easy.  Your purchase will come folded so it will require a little bit of fluffing upon arrival.   Remove from the package and hang right away.  Start with the inside layers first and work your way out by running your hands thru the layers be careful if you have embellishments like rhinestones or sequins on your top layers.  Once you have worked your way pulling and fluffing thru all the layers we recommend hanging in your bathroom and running a hot shower for 5-10 minutes to get out any creases.  Some prefer to just use a steamer (,again be careful not to get too close especially if your tutu has embellishments on it). 
On the day of your pictures, party or event - put the dress or tutu on your little girl and re fluff while on them for the perfect look.
If you get some cake or ice cream on your tutu we recommend that you simply run the areas under warm water and clean by hand then hang your tutu to dry - once it’s dry just simply re fluff.

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